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My Les Mis Barricade cake in more detail! I asked my mum for a themed cake and this is what she came up with- I’d say she definitely outdid herself this year! Plus, she’s a vet and not a professional cake decorator. Everything on the cake is 100% edible and some of the detail is amazing.

Enjolras - red flags
Grantaire - bottle on the top
Combeferre - book with ‘moths’ on it
Courfeyrac - croissant/french stick (somehow bizarrely fitting, but I think she also wanted a good bread reference)
Jehan - flowers
Feuilly - fan
Bahorel - blood spatters
Joly - red bandage (and I guess the blood too)
Bossuet - broken windows

If you want details on how anything was done, please send me an ask!

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